Al Dimeola , Russ Freeman, Chick Corea...

A couple of years ago I heard a cd of these guys playing acoustic. I believe Larry Carlton was also included. I have been looking for it ever since with no luck. If anyone has an idea where I can find this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
just in may be referring to Al Dimeola, John McLaughlin and Paco DeLuca "Friday Night In San Francisco" which is a killer live acoustic guitar recording.....of which i have the cd, sacd and 2 versions of the lp (all recommended).

you did get me looking at my Dimeola lps of which i am now listening to one.....thanks.
No, I know the album your referring to. I've often considered getting it and now I think I will. The one I'm referring to was an Al D. with friends kind of thing and was terrific. It was with Russ Freeman, Chick Corea and either Larry Carlton or Lee Ritnouer. do the cd and sacd versions compare with the lp?
as you would expect, the cd is good.....but falls short of the sacd. the sacd has better detail, soundstage depth and transparency, and has a greater ease and naturalness. there is more inner texture and explosiveness to the dynmamics on the sacd....which with 3 guitars blazing is significant. but i would highly recommend the cd.

the lp goes to a whole different level of dynamics and full-bodied tonality. to my ears, digital simply cannot reproduce a live acoustical guitar like good analog can. the sense of venue and presence is tangible compared to the sacd.

i actually prefer the original recording of "Elegant Gypsy" to the "Friday Night..." version. if you get a chance..... listen to that on lp. "Mediterainian Sundance" on Elegant Gypsy is one of my all-time favorites. i have a new cartridge (Van Den Hul Colibri XCP) that OWNS that recording.....double WOW!!!