AKUS - So Long So Wrong- Time to Stop Upgrading?

Just purchased this LP based on the fabulous reviews.

I would have to say that the song: It Doesn't Matter Anymore is the best sound I have ever heard on my system. Her voice and the instrumentation sounds perfect to me. Maybe the slight reverbation helps. Worth buying just for this song.

My point is that everyone worries about the equipment when in my opinion the engineering of the record itself is a major limiting factor in sound quality. In other words until I heard this song I didn't realize how good my system was. If this song sounds great to me then why spend thousands more upgrading?

Unfortunately it is records themselves and CDs that need to be substantially improved. I am sure it would sound better on other systems but at how much expense? I probably will upgrade my cartidge (the Lyra Lydian) which is probably the weakest link in the system but again I am 100% satisfied with the sound of this song.
you have to enjoy pre-recorded music, warts and all, or you'll just wind up listening to 6 records or cd's. most people who are passionate about music are not audiophiles. i can hear patsy cline sing 'crazy' or the beatles 'i saw her standing there' on an AM radio and get goose bumps. get beyond the 'pluck' of a string, and you'll enjoy your stereo again, as well as getting rid of a mental block thats going to keep you from enjoying about 99.5% of all recorded music.
Slingshot; well said.

i too have always loved 'It doesn't Matter' from 'So Long So Wrong' as well as track 10 'Looking in the Eyes of Love' and my fav on the album, track 14, 'There is a Reason'.

in 1997 when i first got the CD i could not play it enough; Allison's voice was just this heavenly sound.

i've been a huge fan ever since and the Lps have been wonderful.

interestingly; i was listening to the SACD of Allison Krause,"Now That I Found You", when i saw your post.

if your system takes you 'there' then just enjoy the music.
you are exactly right! that song is KILLER! Also willie nelson STARDUST sounds very good.
You've just discovered THE weakest link the in the audio chain, the recording.

We fuss over equipment because that's our end of the chain that we can, to a degree, control.

But, time to stop upgrading!?
I 100% agree with you. I don't spin vinyl, but the CD software makes a major difference in the end result of a system's sonics. I now look for certain labels and remaster processes as part of my search for jazz which is the main thing I listen to. It's impossible to know what kind of sound you're getting when you buy a CD. JVC XRCD is very good on jazz but for instance the Bluenote RVG (Rudy Van Gelder) and other label remasters are generally inferior, thin sounding and lacking weight in the bass and mids. Some of the RVG remasters are must-have music for any jazz fan however so I have several in my collection. The Sony/ Columbia CD remasters are also excellent in quality. But the software can take away dramatically or add significantly to your system's performance.
That song absolutely KILLS me.

You should pick up the live lp. I can't believe how good this album sounds for a live recording.
It Doesn't Matter Anymore is the best sound I have ever heard on my system.

If you have a good system then it is worth paying attention to the people who mix and master.

When Gary Paczosa and Doug Sax are involved (a couple of what many might term audio "gearheads") then perfectionism can be expected...a glorious recording!!!

Here are some photos of Gary at a gearheads openhouse link to photos .

Homerun, right out of the park. I just love music, any way I can get it.

While writing this I'm listening to AKUS latest "Lonely Goes Both Ways" on red book. I love the way she works the mike with her voice. amazing. So Long, So Wrong is the next up.
I have the Mo-Fi vinyl AKUS double album and it's really well recorded, mastered and pressed. Some of the quietest vinyl I have heard. Also agree on the recording being so important. Choice of microphones is really critical in getting a great recording.
If you like AKUS you may also want to check out Kelly Willis. Her album "Easy" was produced by Gary Paczosa and the mastering was by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab. Great sound and some really nice songs as well. Leans more to country than AKUS but also has a pop flavor without going over the top.
Nice to see that many others like this song. Love to hear it in a direct comparison to a more expensive Lyra cartridge like the Titan or Skala.

As far as the live album, I think my SACD version sounds better. The LP sounds somewhat soft to me but I have only played it a few times. Will be listening to it again.
I did upgrade to the Audio Research PH-7 phonostage from the Thor. Incredible sound. The upper bass is much better. In So Long So Wrong, I now hear a slight percussion sound at the beginning on the left channel. If you can hear this you have a great phonostage!