AKUS Live, what is your opinion

I listened tonight to AKUS Live on MFSL at a friends house.
OMG, this was just amazing!! This has to be the best live LP I have ever heard and by a 'country' mile. My friends system is superb and the musicians were simply in the room with us! Very spooky. IMHO, This is THE LP to add to your collection.
I agree. I've had this since it came out and really enjoy it. The REAL treat is to hear them live in concert. I've had the pleasure a few times. They are simply MARVELOUS! Probably the best musicians I have ever seen or heard...and that voice.
as this is a digital recording (DSD) the SACD is fairly close to the vinyl in this case. i do like the recording and play it often (mostly the SACD).....but the vinyl is very, very good. i wonder how good it would be if it was recorded live to 2-track analog tape?

i'm a big AK vocal fan; not so much the 'hard-core' blue-grass cuts....although i like them too, just not as much.

my favorite cut on this album is 'New Favorite'......this track is one of my reference cuts for system tests.

btw; if you like live recordings; go find a few recorded in analog. with the system you have.....it should be very clear how much better Lps with analog sourced recordings can and do sound. you will hear much more a sense of venue and space; lots more body and weight to instruments, and just less a sense of the recording chain. maybe not as clean and scrubbed sounding as digital; but you'll hear deeper into the musical event.