Aktiv, or do I Pass?

My upgrade path has come into question and I would like to solicit the experience of the group.

Starting Point:
Source - Linn Ikemi
Amp/Control - Majik
Speakers - N805

Path 1 (original ending point)
Source, Speakers - Same
Control - Supratek or Aleph
Amp - Aleph 30, 3, or 5

Path 2 (thinking about)
Source - Same
Control - Wakonda
Amp - LK140 (2) aktiv
Speakers - Tukan or Katan aktiv

While there are cost implications, I'd like to ignore them for now. Instead, I'm looking for the sonic attributes of each system. What's important to me? Midrange - clear and simple, get the &*#-damn voices right. Second, highs - air and detail. Others - attack and decay, transients. And finally, most important - gotta feel good to listen too. Musicality!

Thanks for your thoughts!
IF I were to stick to your paths, then path 1 -- undoubtedly. If I'm allowed to play with the equip you mention, I suggest the following:
(path 3a)
*source - Ikemi (since you don't wish to change this)
*control -Supratek (or the Klimax; the Wakonda, even the Kairn, are lesser performers IMO)
*Amp - LK140 aktiv
*Katan aktiv

Where's my $0,02 coming from:
I used to have a small Linn system (Karik /Numerik -Kairn -100 -Tukan aktiv) and have heard newer models, I like the Aleph line (one of these personal things), I rely on trustworthy (IMO) ears for the SUpratek, I listen to classical and blues/jazz.
Thank's Gregm. Two questions. How would you contrast system 3a to 1 on sonic virtues (midrange, air, attack/decay, imaging)? How do you contrast the B&W N805 against the Katan?

Thanks again,
Mprime - "3a vs 1" IMO: better midrange resolution and musicality, and far better transient attack. The Supra WILL "pre-amplify" the source signal w/out compromising detail. The LK140's, while not the last word in clarity IMO, will easily drive the aktiv system & provide sufficient headroom and air.

B&W vs. Katan: I haven't heard these two against each other. The Katans offer a musical midrange and in aktiv form have good dynamics and lower-mids resolution that tends to "mask" the lack of lower bass. I would expect the B&W to have more pronounced high's, evidencing the need for a sub... Remember, the B&W's would be driven in passive mode whereas the Katans benefit from the aktiv configuration! Cheers