Akitika GT-101 review


I finished this amp 3 months ago and have been letting it settle into a system including a McIntosh MX113 tuner/preamp, Focal JM Labs Cobalt bookshelf speakers, Meridian Direct DA with MacBook. The price is very reasonable and the kit is well designed with a complete detailed and well-written manual. The build took me 3 months but I would leave for weeks at a time due to family/work responsibilities. The designer Dan Joffe is a prince. He was patient and prompt with his responses to my queries. This was my first kit. I used the inexpensive soldering iron, solder and the some of the tools described on the Akitika web site. I also found Klein “automatic” wire strippers, a Klein cutting/crimping tool, helping hands and a cheap PCB holder helpful. The parts were all included and there were no deficiencies. The order of assembly is power circuit board, amp circuit boards, wiring (including transformer prep, voltage check, and installation in the case. The amp powered on and worked flawlessly the first time. In the system described above the sound is rich and detailed with a nice soundstage. There is plenty of power. Highly recommended for the build experience and the finished product sound quality. A novice can do this. I posted this review with a a few pictures of the build on audiocircle if anyone is interested in seeing those.