Akira The Don


Sleeping Beauty https://youtu.be/qfsCRG81M_c?t=894

Back to the Lobsters https://youtu.be/qfsCRG81M_c?t=3293

You’re Oppressed https://youtu.be/qfsCRG81M_c?t=3513

And the almost unbearably true Life is Suffering https://youtu.be/qfsCRG81M_c?t=3801

JBP on music 
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Two thumbs up.

How did you stumble across this, or maybe you didn't stumble at all...
Gutfeld was interviewing Scott Adams and showed a little clip of Meaningwave. It was on the Akira The Don channel so I clicked on that. JBP Wave is featured, I hear "Happiness Is Fleeting" and just like that I'm hooked. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsoiSpBvkr4Y-78Pj3recUw  

ahhhh!!! miller carbon!! 

our war is not over

I like this one best.
You’re Oppressed
@millercarbon, Nice…love his time slot, love the show, good stuff. Missed episode 

Gotta be weird to play the game…
Or a normal independent inquisitive thoughtful human being. I've been listening to JBP for so long now I've seen him say everything here and hours more. His series on the Bible Stories is epic. Theater sold out every night. Same when he came to Seattle. Talking to people waiting in line, in the lobby, and afterwards in the meet and greet I had conversations with at least 20 different people. Try and imagine some place, any place you have ever been in your life, where every single one of 20 people there met at random all have something incredibly interesting to say.

That was JBP in Seattle. JBP Wave immediately eclipsed all Akira The Don's prior 50 cuts. The world's greatest and probably first ever popular public speaker specializing in the philosophy of meaning. Boy do we ever need it.

Probably you are all thinking yeah sure these are superbly crafted surprisingly thoughtful philosophical meditations on existence and meaning, but what about booze? Does he have a good drinking song? He does! https://youtu.be/U-1DY0OVvew?t=1103

What would you be like?  https://youtu.be/U-1DY0OVvew?t=1298
I have but one more question for you MC…

Don’t eat the magic mushrooms ;-)

The next drink is on me
Cool, someone is still awake on the westside. Now what craziness are you sending out
🤣We call it the Eastside. Of Lake Washington.
Life is suffering..... 
I’m still working on that drink.

Just waiting on this bartender to acknowledge that I’m HERE patiently waiting my turn.

As I am twiddling my thumbs ;-)
Did you watch Gutfeld last night?