Akiko Minelli?

Have you heard the new Akiko Minelli?  It's reported to be the Corelli's little brother.  A friend brought his Corelli over for me to hear, and I was very impressed.  Now that Akiko has the Minelli (at about half the cost of the Corelli), I'd like to know what your thoughts are on the new Minelli, and even more specifically, how does the Minelli compare to the Corelli?
I think Liza Minelli sounds better.
Hello Louis, the Minelli is about the size of the brick. The cylinders containing the material are the same size as the regular Akiko Tuning Sticks, whereas the Corelli uses the cylinders from the Triple and also has the Akiko Synchro box (which assists with phase timing). If you have less than $20k invested in your entire system I'd recommend the Minelli over the Corelli. Feel free to call us at Jaguar if you have any more detailed questions.