Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks

Big write about these on 6 moons. Has anyone tried these?
Big write up about these on 6 moons. Has anyone tried these?
These appear to be a similar concept to the AudioPrism Ground Control tweaks. The ability to strap them to the speaker cables is intriguing since I now have Wilson Duette speakers with external crossovers.
I am now demoing them...
Hi Ozzy. What's the verdict? Thanks in advance.
I have the AC version, does just what the Six Moons review stated. Much better dimensionality and soundstage increase. I just bought a pair of the universal sticks to experiment with. Very easy to hear the difference in my system.

Purchased from Jaguar Audio Design, Darin is a good guy. No affliation with company.
Well there is a comparison to the Audio Prism Ground Controls , but these sticks have a much larger effect.
I stopped using the ground controls when I installed the BSG Qol unit.

I tried all of the Akiko sticks. All of them had a effect, but all of them together on the same circuit seemed to be overkill.

The Universal sticks were added to my speaker cables and/or interconnects. They were very similar to my Audio Magic speaker clarifiers but at a much reduced price. Although I preferred the Audio Magic.

The AC units were too much for my taste. Again, with the BSG QOL it didn't improve the sound.

However, I did keep the RCA version because it added that extra clarity to my DSPeaker unit that powers my JL Audio subs.

Your mileage may very. I would say that they are good tweaks to try.

Jaguar Audio sent them to me. I had to pre-pay for all 3 versions. They were shipped fast. I returned the AC and universal sticks and I should get a refund soon less shipping and paypal fees.
The Tuning Sticks are very system dependent. I didn't like them at all on my interconnects and power cords (Onda Rapture)as they seemed to shift the tonal balance. I liked the AC tuning stick plugged in to a vacant outlet on my power conditioner. I loved the E-Tuning Gold cylinder strapped to the conduit feeding my system's AC receptacle. If you try them, try All of them as your system will more than likely respond in a unique way to these. Full disclosure: I am a dealer.