AKG K702 vs AKG K701

Does anyone know what the difference in these two headphone models is? Are the K702's an upgraded version of the K701?

Thanks for any help!
They are the same. The K702 has a removable wire and is in black. It is aimed at the pro world and is just more rugged.
Actually, I own both and they are different in some subtle ways. In addition to the differences listed above, the earpads are different, and slightly change the position relative to my ears. The 702's sound better to me, period. Headband is different as well- more comfortable on the 702.
Thanks very much for the input. I put an order in for a pair of K702. Should be fun!

Cheers all.
CK- Another advantage of the 702 is that you can rewire them easily with an aftermarket upgraded wire, if you believe in that sort of thing. I bought the Double Helix Cables Nucleotide for my 702's and like it a lot.

Whatever you do, make sure you run the 702's in for many hours before you pass judgement. Takes a while for the sizzle to die, bass to bloom, and midrange detail to come forward, but it will and you'll notice the changes as they come.

I recently bought some 701s at the current online discount prices(a steal in relative terms) to upgrade from some lower range Grados. Difference is night and day. They might be considered bass deficient by the headbang or hiphop gang but that is due to alot of lofi pop music listening IMO. Phones were not that important an option to me till recently so I did not ever invest in any headphones that were considered top tier but I have had some lower priced AKG Koss Senn Grado Beyer, etc. as well as some Stax in the old days. These are pretty much what I would call exactly perfect for my home listening. Everyone calls them power hogs, well I suppose if you like ear bleeds they might be. Acoustic music at normal levels for me require fairly low power with these. I can live with them as is till the break in and for years and years. Soundstage, detail, etc. just perfect for me. If you like the 702s then go for that option. Kids hate them cause they do not boom boom boom, I guess.
Hey guys,

Thanks again for the feedback. My 702's have some time on them and sound great!

Any thoughts on cable upgrades for them.
CK- Check out Double Helix Cables- Nucleotide. Very good on my 702's.

What is the price point of the cable?
About $195.00 bucks for 10 feet, beautifully built and a terrific sonic accomplishment. Just google Double Helix Cables.