AKG K702: Headamp Gilmore Lite or Woo Audio 6

I have recently purchased a pair of AKG K702 headphones. What should I buy a Headamp Gilmore Lite or a Woo Audio 6 (WA6)? I thought the tube amp would smooth out the AKGs. But a SS would more easily drive the AKGs, plus it is $200 cheaper. I have never listened to the AKGs or either amp. In fact, I have never listened to a good pair of headphones or headphone amp.

I am buying from reviews and per my taste of loudspeakers/amps. I a home system which has a Lexicon RT20 universal player, Martin Logan Vista speakers, Anthem TLP-1 preamp (SS) and an Anthem Statement A-2 amp (SS).

I plan to use this set-up mostly for an office system which has a Music Hall cd-25 and Polk Audio XM Reference Tuner.
The AKG K701/702 are known for being slightly bright with a tendency toward sibilance. Avoid the Gilmore Lite, as it also can sound lean/bright -- it was voiced to liven up HD650s. If you want solid state at a low cost, you should look into the Heed Canamp, which pairs well with the 701/702 and is fairly inexpensive. But overall, I would recommend going with tubes -- either a Woo or a Darkvoice.

You might also post this question on Head-Fi, where you will get a lot of responses. You could also just do a search on Head-Fi for threads started by "Skylab". He has posted reviews of about 20 different headphone amps that span the price range from $300 to around $3500.