AKG K701

I wasn't sure where to post this so here goes. I'm interested in the AKG K701 heaphones, and had a few questions. Will a Harman Kardon CDR-26 power them ok? I won't be able to afford a headphone pre-amp for a while. If you were going to spend $400.00 on phones which would you suggest? Would I be better off buying say a pair of Sennheiser - HD580 headphones, and a Antique Sound - HB1 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amp to go with it. I can do either one of those options.
Hi. I can tell you straight off that many people here will try to send you over the Headfi.com. If you haven't been there yet, and I'm assuming you haven't based on this post, please note that the content is 75% crap so, you'll have to sort through it to find good info. Other than that, please consider also the Grado R1 or R2 or a Senn HD650 with upgraded cable. Grado's sound relatively bright, the Senn HD650s laid back (less detail) and I've never heard the AKGs but, they don't "sound" interesting to me from the reviews.
The 701s need a high quality ($$$) headphone amp to shine. HD580s are a fantastic value and will sound great with the ASL HB1. Additionally - look for a Musical Fidelity X-Cans v2 or V1. Wonderful synergy with the HD580s.
Go to head-fi.org for these questions.

I would absolutely buy the Sennheiser 650s. These cans are almost always in people's top 5 and usually #1 unless classics like the sony r-10 (at $4000) are listed. For realistic prices you can't go wrong with the 650s. They are under $300 new. I'm addicted to their sound.

btw, i've never heard the 701s but they are seldom listed as anybody's favorite at head-fi
I own the 701s, Senn 650s, and Beyerdynamic DT880s.
I prefer the latter two by a long shot. If you like the 701 "sound", you may prefer the DT 880s as they're better balanced spatially and tonally. Re-cabling is a good idea for any of them although the DT 880s are probably least in need of this. The 650s probably most require a good headphone amp.
Let me chime in here folks, but the caveat is that I'm not a huge fan of "cans", at least not when compared to listening to my super Andra IIs.

But there are times when they do come in handy, especially at night, for some "me" time. I've owned the Senn 650s, Grado SR-225s, and now I have the AKG K701s. My headphone amp is the Singlepower PPX3 SLAM which is a good match with the 701s. If you are a bass hound, you won't get it from the 701s. However, if you value a realistic soundstage with great layering, good speed, and natural tonality (especially in the midrange), then the 701s do IT. I am very happy with them, and I paid less than $300 for 'em brand new which made it even sweeter.

Oh yeah, head warnings and be patient about a long break in for the 701s. 200+ hours.
I can help answer your question. I currently own the AKG 701's, Sennheiser 580's & 600's, Grado SR-325's. Out of the entire bunch the AKG's are by far the best. They have the sweetest sound, deepest bass, out of the bunch. They are also the least efficient.

I use my Linn music classik and a pro-ject headphone amp. On both units I have to turn the volume control up quite a bit to get the same loudness on 701's compared to the 580's.

That said, if you can buy the 701's go for it and upgrade your headphone amp as funds permit. My Linn music can drive the 701's plenty loud, however these phones are worthy of a top headphone amp.

I hope this helps
Thanks for all the great input guys. Currently I own Etymotis Er-6's. I want something neutral, accurate, and spacial. I am hoping all this stuff I'm reading about a weak low end just means the bass is tight and dry. I hate boomy bass! I have also heard great things about the low frequency extension of the 701's, so I'm assuming this is the case. Thing is I have never heard open air phones, so I'm wondering how that will go? I can't afford a very expensive amp right now, but I did order this neat little hybrid model Here is a link. http://shop.vacuumtube.com/product/B000L1PXIW/Merchant/VAL-E10-Vacuum-Tube-Headphone-.htm

Has anyone heard this amp?
I own the AKG 701's (as well as Sennheiser HD600's and Etymotic ER-4P).

The AKG 701's have a very detailed sound, wide soundstage and neutral presentation. Gives you a feeling that you are right onstage with the performer. Vocals and strings really shine. If you are into bass, you may be disappointed...as they don't over emphasize lower frequencies. In listening to my AKG's I have discovered many new details in some of my favorite CD's

I own the Senns 650's, AKG 701's, ATH W1000 & 5000's. Echoing the afore mentioned comments, the AKG's strengths lay in their nice detailed sound, wide soundstage and solid, but not over emphasized, bass. Decay is very good and the AKG's can handle many layers of music as 1markr pointed out.

Hififile is spot on that the 701's are, by comparison, not that efficient. JPStereo stated that a good powerful amp is necessary to get the best out of the 701's and my experience bears this out. My 701's are currently paired the Cayin HA-1A most of the time. As this tube amp has a lot of grunt, it exhibits good control over the 701's and has a natural synergy with the tonal qualities exhibited by the 701's. The Singlepower mentioned above would also be a very good choice to get the job done.

With that said, I brought them to work today and listened to them nearly all day paired with my new Corda Opera (SS) and was very pleasantly surprised - especially with respect to bass control. Mid and lower bass were nice and tight and the mids and highs had great detail as well. The Opera is the first SS I've heard that seems to have a hint of a tube warmth. If your tastes lean more toward a SS sound that is not overally analytical, my bet is that you would indeed be happy with the Opera / 701 combo.

For my taste, I do believe that the 701's do fare a bit better with tubes - YMMV.

Keep us posted.