Akai Speakers

I found a pair of Akai SW-42 speakers at goodwill a year ago hand have held onto them. I cant seem to find any information on them online. I put them on CL for $40 and had a guy 5 hours north of me wanting me to ship them to him at any cost. Does anyone have information on these?
A basic search turned up a pair at Vintage Audio world for $180.00. I don't know condition of yours.
I heard a small pair of Akai's years ago and they sounded incredible. And I had Magnepan 111A's at the time! This was in a friend's non audiophile set-up with an old Sansui receiver. I had the same receiver, so I knew what that sounded like. These were mini and had white woofers. Always looking for them at Goodwill, etc.
I had a skinny pr of Akai towers with bamboo drivers back in the day. As I recall about 150 bucks , cheap and cheerful !
I had some nice Akai speakers, sw-157 and I have no idea what I did with them. I was in Wuxtry records in Athens, GA recently and they have the same model pumping out music all day.
Akai had a lot of nice, solid if not outstanding products back in the 70's hifi heyday.

Don't recall hearing Akai speakers specifically but some good value and nice looking receivers and other electronics.

Akai RTR and cassette tape decks were their most popular products back then as I recall.

I had an Akai hifi VCR for many years back in the 80's that was the best sounding hifi VCR I ever tangled with by leaps and bounds. I had it repaired several times just to keep it going but eventually it gave up the goat. Lost interest in hifi vcr recording mostly after that, though I still have a few tapes I recorded on teh Akai from years ago.