Akai 747 w/DBX question

Hopefully there are still some reel to reel folks out there. So I currently have the 747 w/out DBX, and I have an opportunity to pick up the DBX version from a local person who owns a rather hi end audio store here in town. My question is: Is the Dynamic range extension worth the extra coin over the non DBX version? I don't record music from CD's to tape, and the added DBX if it works well should do wonders for recording from vinyl. I have owned reel to reels all my life but never this piece. Just curious if its worth the effort, and if you think it will it be an improvement.  

Well well well what do ya know. That’s good! Ok I feel better now. I will perform the operation and see if it makes a difference. I am not really having s problem per se but if you guys recommend it needs to be done, and I have the right equipment to do it why not. 
Hey thanks for the info. I really love my reel to reel and I have had one since the 70s and I want to keep it in top working condition. I have it serviced once every two years so I Know the heads have not been de-maged at least since then, if even. 
Ok guys. I’m about to de-mag my tape transport and heads. Hope I don’t blow anything up. 
I would demag the entire tape path. The key in demag'ing is to move the unit sloooowwwwly. If you move it fast across the heads very little demag will happen and you can actually increase the mag level on the heads.

it will vibrate a little since the magnetic flux field is interacting with the metal parts on the head or rollers.

and as one other poster noted, do not use a bulk tape eraser.

I had the Akai 747 back when it first came out and I realized then that parts would be hard to find. To the best of my knowledge,  the recorder is equipped with dbx type 1 which is a different beast from dbx type 2. I never tried an outboard 224 type 2 reduction, but it may not be an ideal match.