Akai 4000ds vs 4000ds MKii head block

I noticed that the connections are different on the 4000ds MKII head block, a rectangular white connector and other wires are soldered directly to PC board, while the 4000 ds/DB are round 4 pin. Can I just splice the 4000ds MKII white connection onto a 4000ds/db head block? I am missing the erase head on my mkii head block, worse case, can I just swap the erase head over?

Look like they share the same part ( E4-200), I don't see why not
From the schematics, they look similar, but it is hard to trace with the scanned drawings, can't tell if some are connected or some just cross. I was hoping someone already had experienced this type of repair and had some input.

Got the 4000db head block, compared it to my 4000ds block, wire-wise, they are the same. I spliced the DS connector onto the DB block for the erase/record heads, soldered the playback wires to the PC board (no connector on DS model) and did a test. All seems to work well. Thanks for the help.