Akai 4000ds vs 4000ds MKii head block

I noticed that the connections are different on the MKII head block, a rectangular white connector and other wires are soldered directly to PC board, while the 4000 ds/DB are round 4 pin. Can I just splice the MKII connection onto a ds/db block? I am missing the erase head on my mkii head block, worse case, can I just swap the erase head over?


I can't believe no one has answered this.  Yes, you can just swap in the erase head as the heads of both machine are electrically compatible.  Personally, I would have someone with experience do the alignment as these are quarter track machines.  Any skewing whatsoever will result in erasing audio from the secondary tracks.  Find a good respectable hi-fi repair shop and make sure that they have an alignment tape and a scope and most of all experience. 

By the way, the 4000 series, while robust is only a single motor machine.  For not much cash you could easily upgrade to a three motor deck with solenoid transport.  Just saying.