Aiwa XC-35M good transport? Entec245.2?

I read an older thread here mentioning the Aiwa 5 disk via toslink sounded as good at a top transport. What is the current thinking on this "anomoly?" The poster mentioned the DA used had to sound good with toslink. I just ordered a used Entec 245.2 (24/96) Does this fit the bill. WHat is the general thinking on this processor (got it for $250- upgrading from Wadia X32)

ALso the Aiwa XC-35M is discontinued and hard to find. Anyone tried the 37M, it's replacement?
I recently purchased the Aiwa XC37M for $90 to add multi-disc capability to my system. I am using a Monster lightspeed toslink to a Audio Alchemy DTI Pro to a Bel Canto Dac. I also have a Parasound CDT 2000, Marantz CD94 and Radio Shack 3400 which I use as transports. I have tried several other transports. The Aiwa is a good buy for $90 but it does not outperform the above mentioned Parasound (which I think once retailed for $1500-I got it new for under $700). It is about the equal of the Radio Shack or the Marantz, neither of which are slouches as transports. The Parasound is more transparent, has much deeper bass, and has more body in the midrange. However, there is someone named Stan Warren, who is offering a modification for $130 to the Aiwa which as it was described to me seemed as if it could elevate the performance of it. In its stock form, I would not recommend the Aiwa unless you use some form of jitter reduction device with it. However, I would make that statement about almost any transport priced less than $1500, including the Parasound. Also, the Aiwa has at least 3 lights that flash when a disc is playing which some may find annoying if you have to sit and look at it. It's mechanism clunks when a disc changes but what you want for $90? I have had no interest in trying it as a full range player but as a transport it is ok. It may not excite you but it won't annoy you, which is more than I can say for some budget cd players. Anyway I am happy with mine for what it's being used for and I will eventually get it modified within the next month or so.
Well, I have to disagree with the above assessment on the Aiwa transport. I was the one who originally posted the positive news on this incredible cheapo anomoly. Maybe joe b's d/a converter does not utilize the newer delta sigma 24 bit dacs, (which would explain way he does not think much of the Awia as a transport. I'm giving him the benefit of doubt that he actually did a true objective comparison, on a very accurate and revieling set-up, versus the other transports he mentioned). For the rest of us (dozens of hard core seasoned audiophiles), the Aiwa is as good as one of our $8500 reference Wadia transports. Do yourself a favor and give the cheapo a try, you can always return it for a full refund if you don't like it. Per Joe's other statement about Stan's Aiwa mod, it definately is the wip! He has come up with an ingenious yet simple way to send a digital data, that is much better than any other optical connection. If you call Stan and ask him about this mod, you'll be amazed that the other "high end" transport guys never offered this method of sending digital data...its so logical you wonder why it does not exist!
Thanks for response- I just got the AIwa 37M today- I was gonna buy it mail order and just have them SHip it to STan, but then I thought I should buy it locally and use it a bit just to make sure I wasn't sending a lemon to be modded.

What does stand do for the $130 beside the digital connection? Any other mods to consider?

What makes this Aiwa (unmodded) so good, especially since it's a changer?