Ais Ophiopogon 3.1

Has anyone tried this before or experiences to share?
It's interesting that there is no outside informaion on this product on the web, except through the Ais!
No reviews, no nothing...very odd indeed!

I'm not implying that this product is snake oil either
I bought an AO 3.1 here on Agon a few months ago and was unable to hear any audible difference after trying it in several different spots. I know that numerous Shakti Stones (another anti-EMI device) need to be used to achieve results and the same may be true of the Ais. But one had no effect for me.
Horchai, by your pictures I see you dissected one. What are your thoughts on using it? I just bought one on auction for $20. Hard to lose at that price. If all it does is control vibrations I'll be happy.
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