Áirtech MG-1 tonearm


Am wondering if people have had experience with this tonearm...

Is it comparable to the ET sonically? How about ease of setup and problems in use?

Comments will be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Hi Ssjadway. I have this tonearm in my system currently (you can see some photos on my virtual system page). I'm using it currently with a ZYX Universe on a Teres 255. My table is now wall-mounted.

I haven't compared it against any heavy-hitter tonearms, but can only say that it sounds fantastic and it comfortably replaced an Origin Live Silver tonearm. There seemed to be no contest.

I will say that much of the materials used in the tonearm are plastic, and I've found that in adjusting azymith and another setting that I managed to crack the plastic. I also find it's probably not a perfect match for my universe. I used the HiFi News Record Review test record to figure out my cartridge compliance with the arm, and found my complaiance off by a few hertz.

Overall, build quality is just ok. But, it is such a bargain for what it is. I'm really not sure any $4k tonearm would be better, which is saying something considering what this costs. It was relatively easy to set up. Adjusting level is straightforward and it allows adjustment of VTA on the fly. One of the best audio purchases I've made. No regrets.
Thanks, Outlier...very useful to know your experience.