Airtech MG-1 - any experience?

I was exploring Arthur Salvatore's site last night and in the links section came across the Airtech MG-1. It's a linear tracker, sold direct at $299.

Has anyone seen and heard one?

Hi Flyingred - I've had one for the last month or so. So far, so good, although I'm encountering some skipping, as I walk around (see the recent thread I started on the subject). Still, not sure if it's a symptom of the tonearm itself, or other changes to my system set up. I've a new rack too, that may be contributing to the problem. All told though, the sound is pretty amazing. I think it's pretty much a steal for the price, although my experience with tonearms is far from extensive, so I'm probably not the best judge. My best guess though is that you would be very happy with the purchase. Apart from the sound, it's been a lot of fun to set up and play with. I will post photos in the next couple of days.
Im glad to hear your still using it. I was waiting to see if you had any updates since your last "Skipping" post.

I ordered one from Ada based on your experiences. I should be recieving it tomorrow. My turntable is currently setup on top of a rack. I may have to wall mount and isolate it from air turbulance generated by foot traffic.

Hopefully my experience is as positive as yours.
What cartridge are you going to fit to your MG-1 lnoriel2000?

Outlier, thanks for your response. I checked out your skipping thread and couldn't help wondering whether th effective mass of the MG-1 armtube is too low for the Zyx cartridge. The Origine Live is a medium mass design.

I'm off the a high end show in London at the weekend. One of the exhibitors is the importer of the Swedish Opus 3 Cantus parallel tracker - it will be interesting to have a good close look.
Flyingred, thanks for the input on the armtube. You may indeed have a point. I'm really not that savvy about arm/cartridge matching, so you could be right. I wonder if there is anything I can do to resolve that. I wonder would it be possible for Ada to create a medium mass armtube, or would that impact the interaction between the armtube and the air beam...

I have a Denon DL103 which I have on lend to a friend who's awaiting a cartridge purchase. I wonder if that cartridge would track better (I'll check, when I get the cartridge back).

Inoriel - I'll be curious to see how you get on with the MG-1. Let me know if you have any questions. The instructions were a little sketchy, and I feel I've a better handle on optimum setup now then when I started installing. I recommend reading Ada's addition to the 'skipping' thread. His recommendation on how to dial in the levelling of the arm was invaluable. Note you will need a 4mm allen key (not included with arm) to affect the levelling, and a smaller allen key (can't remember the dimension) to allow VTA on the fly. Once you dial in VTA though, it's worth retightening, as the airbeam leveling may change slightly as VTA is changed. It's sort of hard to explain, but once you work through installation, you'll figure it out.
I think you might find the DL-103 even worse, certainly it's a lower compliance cartridge, although in its favor it's heavier (which will increase the effective mass of the arm/cart). Worth a try, as is asking Ada about a higher mass armtube.

After my previous reply, I checked out my theory by looking at Van Den Hul's FAQ and your arm/cart will have a resonant frequency above 20Hz, which means that it will be excited by recorded information on the vinyl.

The reference for the mass/compliance matching is:

You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Great FAQ as well!
(Formerly lnoriel)
I've been carefully reading thru Ada's documentation before I commence.

I did find the Allen key adjustements you referred to earlier.

My turntable requires fabrication of another armboard because my current setup is 27mm from the top of the platter. That is outside of his required 18-25mm spec. In addition, I like using an Oracle Isolation mat which raises my platter heighth another 4mm.

So I won't be able begin with the installation until this weekend.

I'll go back to the original thread and look up Ada's responses you mentioned.

Once its on, I'll have to refer back to your tuning recommendations.
Response to Flyingred

I was going to use a Grado Sonata. My current phono pre uses only high output MM Cartridges and I've been using this cartridge for a few months now and I've become accustomed to its sonics. It'll help me compare improvements from my previous setup.

I assume this cartridge body is probably on the heavier side compared to some of the other cartridges mentioned.
Yes, it's 6.5 grams, over 50% heavier than the Zyx, and it's slightly more compliant - 20 cu, which will also help in a lightish arm.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
We'll I got it setup this weekend.
It was a challenge. Every setting must be precise and it is sensitive to minute changes.

I got some assistance from Outlier and from Ada himself on balancing and leveling.

There is a noticeable improvement in sonics as well as increase in soundstage.
I have not yet reached the optimum setup and I am sure there are other things I can fine tune.

I did find a problem with static electricity and grounding. Ada emailed me directly and gave me a few tips. I will try those suggestions this weekend.

I successfully placed the air pump in the adjoining room to quiet things down.

Overall, the arm is amazing.