Airtangent arm; what table under 10k?

I bought an Airtangent arm and a Clearaudio Stradavari cartridge.
I'm looking for a table recommendation from those with experience with this arm [turntable criteria: in current production; under 10k new MSRP].
Thank you.
It works great,on a VPI TNT.My friend had this set-up for years,and is an avid collector of vinyl.The table is very well priced(get the heavy platter,not the all plexi),and you will be a happy fellow.The only reason I mention the TNT is because I have extensive experience listening to this combo(world class,IMO).Not because I am a fan of any specific design,as there are loads of good tables to choose from.This is not too pricey,and works great.
BTW....IMO(just my 2 cents),the Air Tangent is the finest piece of analog hardware EVER designed!You may,invariably find some folks stating it is not great in the bass.NOT TRUE!!It ALL comes down to pump pressure,and set-up.Set it up well,and you will find it hard to leave the house. -:)
Best of luck!
Would that be the TNT 6 or the TNT-HRX?
In Roy Gregory's review of the TNT-HRX he notes that you have to order the table with a "special platter" in order to use it with the Airtangent.
TNT-HRX Review
I am speaking of the TNT,not the HRX.Yet,you want the heavier,metal composite platter!The TNT is less money,and is superb,and it is easy to mount the "fabulous" Air Tangent arm on it.GOD,what a fabulous combo!I have heard everything from original first pressing "promo" Mercury lp's,to 1s pressing RCA's,to classic jazz,and a multitude of other music on this combo.It was in a system,of very high pedigree.CJ ART/Infinity(large)speakers etc.I've heard it on scores of occassions.You will be a very happy music lover,and ,maybe save some money,as many of the popular models sell for lots more.You have to really split hairs to beat it.BTW,I do not own a TNT,but can attest to the wonderful matching,with the A.T.arm!A "Classic",if there ever was one.I can't believe it is not marketed,anymore(I think).
I have also heard and owned this arm on a TNT. They played together quite well. Easy to mount and easy to adjust. Beautiful music makers, these two.
What are you using now?
Exlibris, My analog rig has gone through a few big changes since the TNT/Airtangent. A Clearaudio reference for about 4 years to a Walker Proscenium, purchased in early 2006's summer.
Interesting. The Walker is my 'ideal' table but I just can't afford one.
I'm suprised that the Clearaudio Reference outperformed the TNT/Airtangent. What arm did you use with that table?
The reason I ask is because my purchase of an Airtangent just fell through.
I gotta tell you, the Walker is a source of a different level. This past week I changed arms to a Diamond and as good as the originl table sounded it's now beyond expectations.
The Clearaudio was purchased during a system rebuild subsequent to a priority change, in which time I had sold off most of my system. Many component changes were made, so direct comparison of the two tables is unavailable. The arm on the Clearaudio was the Souther and for the most part this combo did most things right. With the ancillary components it didn't suffer the rigidness as some describe it.
As with all the systems I have put together, matching and tweaking is essential to creating a musical experience. Each upgrade or change may present differences, but not always those sought for. As enamored as I am with the Walker in my system, I read of observers at the Rocky Mountain show criticizing the Walker Diamond for being cold and uninvolving. Sooo the opposite of what I hear.
I've read great things about the Black Diamond. Those critical of the sound probably like the sound of a wooden arm like the Schroeder. Since I haven't heard either, I can't comment.