Airsine and other power cables to shortlist

Hi, I have an ATC P1 power amp (using VH Flavor 4) and NAD M51 DAC (using Neotech NEP-3001), both with Furutech FI-11G connectors.

Having compared various other cables at lower price points, these are both basically doing fine, but I wonder if there's a good next upgrade to either of these, but without going completely nuts in terms of cost.

I'm looking at the Airsine and would like some other suggestions, e.g. the Acrolink 7N + Oyaide 004s seems the most compelling bulk/DIY option. Has anyone compared these, and is there anything else I should consider?

What I'm looking for:
The Flavor 4 on the amp is clear and neutral, but I think the amp is capable of a bigger soundstage and more dynamics. The Neotech on the amp is very smooth with nice bloom, but perhaps a bit too warm and I might prefer a tighter bass.

I also wonder if Rhodium-plated may be a good connector for tight bass instead of Gold-plated.

Thanks for any help!
I've used the Furutech FI 25G and I hated them. I was looking to rid my system of some upper midrange brightness/glare and thought the gold would tame this but the plugs clipped the top end, extension and air, gave the sound an opaque quality reducing inner detail, and fattened up the lower midrange and bass which reduced pacing and slam. All in all, I couldn't get them out of my system quick enough (and these were used when I received them so they had plenty of burn-in time). I like the IeGO gold plugs better but find gold to be too syrupy. Perhaps you should try different plugs on your cords. I think the Oyaide 046 are quite nice with excellent detail and probably the best balanced plugs I've heard. Bass is tight as well. My favorite plug is the IeGO 8095 which is rhodium over silver. It's as detailed as any thing I've heard but has the ability to smooth out the top end without loosing any detail or air and it does so without sounding soft either. Their rhodium over copper plug, 8075, is decent but no where near as detailed. The Oyaide 004 is also nice but seemed a bit sharp in my system. YMMV. On the cheap side, the IeGO 8065, silver over copper, is quite good and much more detailed than the Furutech FI 25G. It's certainly not a warm plug but it does bass very well, nice and articulate. Of course you could do much better for power cords as well given the quality of components you have. The Airsine would certainly be a big improvement. Good luck with you system.
I use AirSines with Furutech FI-50s on my Cary 500.1 MBs. I also have AirSines with gold and rhodium plugs. I am a big fan of AirSines, and they do represent an upgrade over the flavor series.. Lot of PC for the money. You might want to shoot Chris an email and ask him about the various terminations with respect to what your are trying to achieve.
I think PCs are the hardest thing to predict -- very system dependent. You almost have to try them and see what they do.
Thanks to both; exactly the kind of insight I wished for. Think I may look into retermination as a first option.