Airport extreme to Arcam AVR600

I would like to stream high res files wirelessly from to my newly acquired Arcam AVR600. The specs say the DAC will accommodate up to 192/24 files. Computeraudiophile lists the Airport Extreme among their recommended equipment. Can anyone provide guidance regarding hooking up the Airport Extreme via the optical input to the AVR600?

Also consider AppleTV for the same purpose (hdmi & toslink available) . Hope this helps.

The Airport Extreme is recommended as a wireless network device but it doesn't have an optical output so it can't be used to feed the Arcam. In fact it has no audio output capabilities. The USB port doesn't support audio either as it is intended for hard drives and/or printers.

The Airport Express and TV have optical out but I believe the AE is limited to 16/44.1 and TV converts everything to 16/48. Of course Apple won't say but from everything I've seen they can't do higher than that. The AE USB only supports printers.