Airport Express Dropouts: FIXED

Hope this helps some of you who have experienced dropouts while streaming to an Airport Express. I've read about this, but never had the problem before the middle of last week. Had been using my old network for a year. I have two Airport Expresses, one in my office connected to DSL and the printer and one in the living room connected to the stereo.

The office Airport died and I replaced it. During configuration I set up the stereo airport to "extend the network" rather than "join the network. We were enjoying music last week and had the famous dropouts. I live VERY rurally. there's no interference. No microwave on. Nothing else had changed. The previous network worked flawlessly for a year. The next day I reconfigured the network and joined rather than extended . Voila! 3 hours of drop-out free enjoyment least night.

Hope this helps some f you