Airport Express connection to Coaxial DAC

Is it possible to connect a Scott Nixon DACkit with a coaxial connection to the Airport Express? Or do I need a DAC with optical input? Can anyone recommend a digital cable?
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The Airport Express has both analog and digital optical out.

If your DAC takes standard RCA type inputs, you can connect to the Airport Express via an RCA to 3.5 mm mini phone plug adapter.

Available from Ram Electronics:

Or from the Apple store:
Contact Scott directly. He can re-wire the the DAC to accept Toslink for $20, Because space is limited on the board you will lose the co-axial. This way the connection is clean and straight forward... consistent with running a non upsampling minimal DAC like the Scott Nixon or 47 labs

I gave you mis-information. The Airport Express does indeed have analog and digital out, but to connect to your DAC, you have to use the optical, since the only DIGITAL output is optical. The mini 3.5 jack is analog. Apple uses the same port for both outputs.

Extra_action probably has a great suggestion in the previous post.

Thank you for the help