Airmotion folded ribbon tweeters. Are they worth all the hype?

Seems like this design which is from the 1950's has been upgraded and is the latest trend in tweeters.....l heard them and they sound good. .........l dont think there going to make me upgrade my current speakers....any opinions on this would be appreciated. ...
Air Motion Transformers. Technically not ribbons at all.

You should absolutely not buy based on a label like AMT or Be or anything else. Having said that, the best AMT’s are as good as the best in the world. There are also mediocre AMT’s, like mediocre diamond and Be tweeters that are just not stellar.

I use Mundorf AMTs in my custom speakers, but Beyma also has fans, as does the original brand, ESS.

At their best (and I exclude GE speakers because I’ve heard them), AMTs vanish. They just aren’t there. They have incredible dynamic range and low distortion, which I have measured. This isn’t hype. The variety in sizes provides not only lower extension but controlled dispersion, something I like as an apartment dweller, and a big advantage over dome and ring tweeters if that’s’ your need.

Like the very best Be and Ribbon tweeters, AMTs are practically zero mass and have almost zero energy storage. They don’t ring at all. This gives them an incredible transparency.

But I repeat, there is a very wide range of quality. Alone, AMTs is not better than anything else, but at the top of the range, they’ll compete with anything.


Thanks for the explanation ....makes get what you pay for.....sometimes you dont get what you pay
The AMT tweeters in my GE Triton Reference speakers totally disappear as do the AMT tweeters in the GE Triton 1. Every reviewer has stated this regarding the GE speakers. Erik seems to be the only one who hates them for some reason.
I hate the GE speakers because the ones I have heard were bright, and ragged. The opposite of smooth and neutral.

But if you like the B&W sound, that's what they try to emulate. :)
They certainly sound NOTHING like a B&W which I hate. It is obvious you are biased against GE for some reason.  If they indeed sounded ragged, then it was something else in the chain.
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