Airfoil loudspeakers and Aero Loudspeakers

Does anybody own the Airfoil loudspeakers and have any idea how many were ever made? Also does anyone have any info on the new company called Aero Speakers that's doing another new version of the bending wave driver. I have sent emails to the company but never have received a reply and there is no phone number listed.
A close friend of mine was one of the owners of Impact Technologies, the company which produced and marketed the Airfoil. He has two pairs in his home - one of them being the one that everyone knows, and another which was going to be a low cost ($6500) model using the bending wave driver. It goes without saying that it was one of the more interesting designs ever to come down the pike, in addition to making great sound.

As you can imagine of a loudspeaker which cost $35,000 in 2001, there were very few finished models produced (though I'm sure there were a good number of prototypes). I could ask him for the actual numbers...

It's kind of heartwrenching to see what he's been through with the venture. To call him a prince would be an incredible understatement; saints have had far less patience, devotion, generosity, and grace. Though he would never say this publicly, since I'm at a safe distance away from things, I can - STAY AWAY!!! The lack of response you have gotten thus far should speak volumes in providing all the warning you need.