Air Tight PC-1 Coda and more options to upgrade my analog setup

There aren’t many reviews out there for the new Air Tight PC-1 Coda. I’m looking to upgrade my analog setup and it fits my budget and the overall reviews for the PC-1 are fantastic. Before anyone mentions it, yes I will be listening before I buy. I plan on listening to similar priced carts from Lyra, Kiseki, Koetsu, and more.

At the same time debating a phono preamp upgrade. Thinking about the Luxman EQ-500.

Current setup is Rega RP8 (waiting for the new P10 or P12), Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge, to Mytek Manhattan II w/ Phono stage, McIntosh C47, McIntosh MC452, B&W 802D3, with audioquest speaker cabling and ICs, and Nordost Frey 2 PCs. Room is quite well treated and rack is Symposium Osiris. Listening on vinyl is mainly 1955-1975, jazz, rock, and orchestral (Mahler, Strauss-not Beethoven or chamber). (Wider variety with Qobuz digital). Vinyl is all very high quality original or repressings.

Happy to hear any feedback on the setup. What am I looking for? A little more sparkle. Realism. Just more. Maybe a little more bass as well, as I’ve got the C47 set to push bass +3dB. (Tried a sub and it didn’t help in my space and prefer the overall sound of the floor standers by themselves). The system sounds amazing, I just want even more of this amazing. Thanks!
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Here's what i would do -
The Rega P10 is actually pretty good, but its forte is pace and rhythm.
If you are keen on the Rega I would buy either the top Rega MC cartridge, which ensures an optimum match for the arm/TT, or if you want a more nuanced/balanced cartridge for orchestral the Van den Hul  Frog works very well. I have also heard the Benz Micro's on the P10 - it is a warmer sound. The Lyra's are too clinical for the Rega.

The Luxman phono is very good.

Why not try the Luxman first, then you can assess the Ortofon with a better phono, you could then buy the P10 and based on the results with the Ortofon/Luxman select an appropriate cartridge.

The only thing you have to watch is that the early Rega MC cartridges had unusual loading requirements. You need to check the cartridge loading requirements are met by the Luxman or whatever phono you buy.

I agree with all who suggest getting a new, separate, phono stage first.  It is critical if you are going to really get into vinyl and I would get a tube one. You can then roll tubes if necessary to compliment any cartridge. Make sure it can handle MM and MC and has lots of adjustability, especially for the cartridge you are getting. If you are going to commit to vinyl the cart has to match the tonearm. And there is not an easy solution to getting setup right. You have to get “messy” with it to realize full potential of analog playback. Good luck and have fun!
Current thinking: Linn LP12 (with the upgrades), Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, Luxman EQ-500. Then possibly updating the pre-amp later.
"Linn LP12(with the upgrades),Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, Luxman EQ-500."

mayoradamwest-you're not messin' around...If I had to choose between that and the RP10, I would go Rega. Nothing negative about the Linn, but If I wanted to simplify, the Rega w/Apheta seems like a no brainer. Plus, it does look cool.

Your existing setup-Mytek w/phono is certainly capable, but that Luxman should make you understand what the fuss is all about. 
It’s more about sound. I heard this setup today (though with a sweet Plinius class A amp) and wanted to take the system home. Really just perfect. I was a little skeptical about the Linn as well. Will do more research but the owner of the shop knows his stuff. Had plenty more expensive stuff and it’s what we both preferred.