Air Tight PC-1 Coda and more options to upgrade my analog setup

There aren’t many reviews out there for the new Air Tight PC-1 Coda. I’m looking to upgrade my analog setup and it fits my budget and the overall reviews for the PC-1 are fantastic. Before anyone mentions it, yes I will be listening before I buy. I plan on listening to similar priced carts from Lyra, Kiseki, Koetsu, and more.

At the same time debating a phono preamp upgrade. Thinking about the Luxman EQ-500.

Current setup is Rega RP8 (waiting for the new P10 or P12), Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge, to Mytek Manhattan II w/ Phono stage, McIntosh C47, McIntosh MC452, B&W 802D3, with audioquest speaker cabling and ICs, and Nordost Frey 2 PCs. Room is quite well treated and rack is Symposium Osiris. Listening on vinyl is mainly 1955-1975, jazz, rock, and orchestral (Mahler, Strauss-not Beethoven or chamber). (Wider variety with Qobuz digital). Vinyl is all very high quality original or repressings.

Happy to hear any feedback on the setup. What am I looking for? A little more sparkle. Realism. Just more. Maybe a little more bass as well, as I’ve got the C47 set to push bass +3dB. (Tried a sub and it didn’t help in my space and prefer the overall sound of the floor standers by themselves). The system sounds amazing, I just want even more of this amazing. Thanks!
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I wouldn't put an $8500 cartridge on a Rega, its like putting racing tires on a VW Rabbit.

You would be better off getting a better turntable first.
Spend the money on turntable upgrade & phono upgrade first, and keep the Ortofon initially. You would be building a better foundation for your analogue system by upgrading to the best turntable you can afford.

A few thoughts:

1. The Luxman EQ-500 phono preamp is a great sounding piece of equipment.
2. Rega tonearms are not a great match with low compliance MC cartridges, and the lack of easy VTA adjustment makes it difficult to optimize the VTA, which is crucial to getting the best from your cartridge. I agree with @dover and would recommend upgrading your turntable to something better and more suitable before buying an expensive cartridge.
3. Add EMT cartridges to your trial list.

I think you have a nice system. Your analog front end will only be as good as the weak link.
The weak spot is plugging into a built in phono stage.

$8500 for a cart seems like overkill, but it's your wallet. Maybe if you're gettting the Rega Naid for 30K AND a better phonostage?

You haven't heard what your existing cart can do with a proper phostage.
Thanks all. Great points! On the TT front, I’m open to changes but my preference is less fuss. I do this for the music, and love the minimal hassle of the Rega. That said, I am waiting for the new P10 or P12, or something else - at least according to the reviews and people I’ve spoken with, the existing RP10 is a pretty amazing table. So a TT upgrade is also in my future, yes. As for cartridge, these are all excellent points. 
The Mytek optional Phono stage is supposed to be amazing, but it’s fair that maybe that should be my first upgrade. I presume my Luxman choice is a reasonable one? I don’t know which others I could hear in a similar setup. 
I am unsure if the Manhattan built in phono is much superior to the lower offering Brooklyn or not?
I have to say the Brooklyn phono left me pretty cold, way to clinical and sterile and very tilted towards the top end of the spectrum.

It could not hold a candle to the Gold Note PH10 I had at the time ( note , I bought the Brooklyn for its DAC ability not the phono but obviously gave it a try out).

Now I am using a Manley Chinook SE tube phono which is a serious step up from the PH10.

I believe for  $2500 or less you can get a pretty serious upgrade on the phono stage side that will let you hear things from your present setup you did not know existed.

Just my musings.