Air Tight or Music Reference?

I am considering buying a new (used) tube amp for my system which consists of

Joule Electra L-100 MK-III preamp
Merlin VSM speakers
Audiomeca + Audio Logic CDP/DAC
JPS cables

I am very interested in the Air Tight ATM-1 or the Music Reference RM 200. No dealer in my area has either of those lines, but I found both of them on the second-hand market for a good price. Naybody have any experience with either? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dr V.
Music Reference!!Check out the reviews at Stereophile archives[Rave review].April 2002.I own the RM-200 and more than happy with it.Can't beat at price point or even several thousand more.I listen to Rock,Jazz,Acoustic,Blues classical and this amp does it all extreamly well.
I haven't heard the Air Tight, but my Music Reference RM-200
has the bass output of SS, tight and faster than most other tubes amps I have heard. The mids and highs are lush and liquid, but detailed. It seems like the best of both worlds,
and like Jdlepera says, the price is right!
I have not heard the Music Reference amps but have heard the Air-Tight amps. They sound great and are highly recommended.