Air tight ATM 211 and MAXX

I have currently encountered a shocking and dreadful experience with Air tight ATM 211 mono amps. I did not unplug the amps for 5 or 6 days from AC outlet and after 6 days when I turned on the power amps in a few seconds a very loud and shocking noise appeared in the speakers which I had to rush and turn off the amps before they damage the speakers. The noise was so loud and striking that I thought I had burnt the speakers! What could be the reason and how can I avoid such problem.
Thanks for your advise.
My ATM 211s have been plugged in a live AC source since the summer with no issues. I've also left them plugged and unused for extended periods of time without issues. I suggest you contact Tom Tutay at:

Tom Tutay Transition Audio Design 24 Elm Avenue SE Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548-5622 Phone-850-244-3041

BTW, I'm also using the ATM 211s to drive WP7s.

Good luck.
I have run Air Tight ATM3 monos for over 3 years. Always had them plugged in. they have been bullet-proof.

Do you have a tube tester? try checking the driver tubes.

I know Tom Tutay has installed Soft start circuits in many of the Air Tight amps, this could help avoid the sudden rush of current to the amps.
The only similar problem I've had was turning off my Almarro A203A (EL84 based integrated, 3 watts/ch) and turning it immediately back on. This blew a fuse for some reason.

I was told to let the amp rest a few minutes befor turning back on.
did you get your problem fixed?
Unfortunately the problem with DC current still exist in my amp which creat a very sharp loud noise in speakers. I was told to have my AC earthing checked but I do jot have any problem with my KRELL amps. I think it is a flaw with the air tight amps and pres with the design.
Any suggestionelec
This is now very old forum but the outcome is not clear.
IMO the problem is not a as you say a 'DC problem' as the noise does not persist all time the amplifier is on.
I know that these amplifiers have a soft start curcuit.
There are 2 relays (2) which switch the high voltage after 60 seconds or so.
May it be a relay having its contacts stucked?
Why not have the relays checked by a technician - how they behave at switching the amplifier on?
Wish you luck
Have you had the problem with the Air Tights fixed?
Appreciate if you let me know.
You'll blow the resistors on the MAXX if you have a power surge thus sparing the drivers. You should probably check them to make sure you don't need new resistors. Wilson Audio usually sends spare resistors in your kit.