Air Tight Amp or other good tube amp

I am thinking of upgrading my power supply, currently have a 200 watt Rotel SS Amp. Am thinking of AirTight . I'm told they are one of the best tube amps out there. I'm willing to look at their integrated amps as well.
Any suggestions? I definately want to go w/tubes.
I currently have an AR LS-7 Tube Pre-Amp, EAR's Phono stage and a Sota Saphire TT.
I love the sound of the Legend Audio Design amps. They also have an integrated for around $3000. You can buy from them, but they also have dealers around the country. Good Luck
The Atma-Sphere OTL tube amplifiers are well worth considering. In many ways, these tube amplifiers combine the best that solid state has to offer with none of the downside. They are very neutral, exceptionally quick, detailed and transparent, while maintaining the magical reproduction of correct timbre and harmonic richness that I have found only in good tube amplifiers. The MA-2 model will drive just about any speaker. Other models benefit from being mated with speakers that don't have extreme variations in their impedance curves and with higher nominal impendances. For more information, and links to reviews, see and the Atma-Sphere owners group site at

Jadis, Jadis, and Jadis ...........
You won't need change/upgrade for at least 10 years !!
Trust me !!
jim: airtight is indeed a bullet-proof, beautifully made and finished product that is characterized by great sound i've been honored to sup and party several times with airtight's owner and designer, mr. mura. he is a dedicated audiophile and gentleman of the first rank, which shows thru in his tubed electronics. I'm not sure which airtight you're considering, so i don't know your pricepoint aversion. if you have the means, however, i suggest you also consider the nagra vpa monoblocks; these are another great-sounding tube amplification source that are swiss made, and look it. -kelly
check out "Wavac" also from Japan. they make transformer coupled single ended triode amps to die for. I haven't heard anything better!!
another wonderfull tube amp is VAC.