Air Bladders

Ok guys for you that have tried air bladders, when changing the amount of air in the bladders what did it do to the sound? Like what happened when more air was added? What happened when air was let out? I am talking about to the sound!!!
Assuming you mean on VPI T/T suspension?
Very Soft: Too much Bass.
Very Hard: No depth and a few problems with vibration transmission through stylus to the arm.
Middle: Just right.
My advice: Stick with paddle balls.
Does anybody actually play music anymore?
Chayro, I do.
Had some friends around a couple of days ago, they and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every Coleman Hawkins record that I own, from some 1950's EP's to 'The Hawk Relaxes' onto the 'Hawk Flies High' on the latest heavyweight 45 rpm vinyl releases.
Then the latest Madeleine Peyroux release. All superb, and my friends enjoying hearing the changes that different cartridges, loadings & RIAA make.
Listening to different cartridge loadings? Well, it does sound like fun, but I think I'd rather inflate the bladders.

I'm just kidding around. It's your stuff- do whatever you think is fun.
SYMPOSIUM ULTRA shelf much better. Air bladders leak hard to level etc.
On my TNT I use raquet balls supported by some "cupped" shaped ABS plumbing pipe. It works very well and the balls don't loose air. Your support must be level though.
Ok guys thanks for the replys!!!