Air 1 compared to SPM interconnects?

I recently sold a pair of Nordost Red Dawn, and then bought a pair of Tara Labs Air 1. I didnt have the opportunity to compare the both, buth when price is taken in consideration the Air 1 should sound better. Now I have used the Air 1s for some days, and in my ears there is something missing, or maybe the Red Dawns were to bright or something, but the Air 1s seems more "laid back" especially with reproducing voices, and it seems also that they lack of detail compared to the Red Dawns. Am I missing something here? I thought the Air 1s should sound more detailed, open and transparent, but to me it seems the other way. Now I am considering the Nordost SPM instead :)
The change to a "laid back" usually means that you're losing energy between the components.
Either that the new cables create a bad (hi resistance) connection (are the connectors dirty, bad quality??), or that they are higher capacitance & resistance & you're losing hi level (and probably mid-bass & bass) energy.

A long way of saying that if Nordost sounded generally OK, then the SPM will probably sound better thn the Red -- OR that any cable of similar construction & electrical properties to the Nordost is likely to suit your taste.
Thanks for your answer, it sounds reasonable :) I will try to get hold of a pair of SPM`s..
I have Nordost Red Dawn and also Tarablabs Air1 so I could make direct comparison between two cables. First on my system (Marc Levinson CD39 directly connected to KR-Enterprises VT250 with Revel Ultima Studios) Red Dawn sounds more open and detailed. It seems to have more energy on upper octaves than Tara.
But Tara also have some advantages for Red Dawn that the soundstage is more defined. If you like more definition rather than laid back sound you should go on Nordost maybe upper ranges.