Aimee Mann - Lost in Space

I've got both the regular CD and Mobile Fidelity vinyl version of this album and was listening to the vinyl last night and realized something wasn't right. From listening to the CD version multiple times I know the last song on the album starts off with a low frequency synthesized note. When listening to the vinyl I realized it wasn't there at all! I then listened to the CD to make sure I wasn't losing it and sure enough it was there. I'm not saying it was there but lower level on the vinyl, it's just not there. When I thought about it the whole vinyl album seemed more polite, is it possible that Mobile Fidelity used a different mix? I know there are other folks who like this album but there weren't any threads in the archives mentioning this, so has anyone else noticed it?
MoFi screws a lot of things up.
I have both the MFSL LP and the CD. First of all, what a great album--one of the best I've heard in many years. It will make you suicidal but......

Now the sound. I think here there are big differences between the CD and LP--and not all in favor of the LP. The CD seems more dynamic, punchy and bright. The LP is warmer with more liquid vocals and a laid back soundstage. But I have found it lacking in dynamics which really hurts on some songs. Not sure which I prefer overall--when I'm listening late at night I put on the LP and during the daylight hours I tend to pop in the CD. I had really high hopes for the MFSL version of this but it turned out to be a mixed bag. That didn't stop me from ordering Bachelor #2...........
"First of all, what a great album--one of the best I've heard in many years. It will make you suicidal but......"

I couldn't agree more. I have only heard the CD version. I also like the Magnolia sound track (mostly Aimee Mann). It is decently recorded as well.

Can't speak to the LP version though.

sacd also available
Also own this this vinyl album and can honestly say I was underwhelmed by the sonics. I have a number of older 80's MOFI albums and the sonics are noticeably better. I have known at least two friends that purchased Patricia Barber albums recently redone by MOFI and they were ALL returned.
The sound was compressed and lacking in dynamics and just not as good as the original albums. My one friend has contacted them to let them know his feelings. Sure hope they get it together and that these are just isolated incidents.