Aimee Mann fans ?

Have you heard the song Aimee does on Jim White's CD "Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See"? Its the first song: "Static on the Radio". I didn't realize she sang on the CD when I got it. On the second time through I recognized the voice. I think its a great song, but at over 6 minutes we'll probably never hear it on the radio.
I like Aimee Mann.

My favorite CD of hers is Magnolia sound track. The recording quality is also pretty decent on that CD.

I knew Aimee's step-mom back in the "Til- Tuesday" days, and I've enjoyed her music for many years.

In addition to making great music, Aimee taught her old record company a thing or two and is doing quite well without them.

So yes, I'm a fan indeed.
WXPN in Philly and online at plays that song regularly.

If you're into vinyl, the recent MOFI of Lost in Space is pretty good. Cheers,
I dig Aimee, also.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I too like Aimee Mann very, very much.

I'll have to second Robm321. Her tracks on the Magnolia soundtrack are great, very Beatle-esque stuff. Note: I regularly use the last track, a chamber piece, as a test track for evaluating micro dynamic capabilities.
I am a fan of Aimee Mann as well, as Sbank said the MoFi(SACD's) are well worth having in your collection if your a fan and an SACD user.
Another big fan but finding that I like the 2nd and 3rd 'til Tuesday albums more then the solo work recently.
Tireguy, glad the SACDs sound good. However, just to clarify, I was recomending the recent vinyl reissue.
It's all good! Cheers,
I should have made my statement more clear! but you are right- It is all good!
She is simply incredible and I agree that her work on the last 2 Till Tuesday albums are to die for. All of her solo work is good too especially " bachelor " and of course the Magnolia soundtrack which has some of Bachelor on it . She fought for creative control and was nearly squashed by greedy suits at the record co but fight she did and went her own way doing her own thing. You have got to respect this woman.
I think that she not only has beautiful voice, but has a very enticing method of "phrasing" her music as well. Isn't she from the Boston area?
All this talk about the previous albums (CDs) got me to dig them all out. Last night I went through "Bachelor #2", "Magnolia" soundtrack, and "I'm With Stupid". Tonight, time permitting, it will be "Everything's Different Now", "Whatever", and "Lost in Space".

I am into vinyl. I'll have to get the MoFi "Lost in Space" album.

I don't have the earlier 'Til Tuesday albums. How do they compare to "Everything's Different Now"?

If anyone is interested, I have her first bands only EP (vinyl). I think they were called the Snakes. I remember it's pop-punk but she does sound great even so long ago. And yes, they were from Beantown.
I am a huge fan, though I must admitt it is not for her musical talents alone. She stands out in my mind as one of those rare people who have put their creative work before the possibility of a very sucessful image,even at the risk of failure. That takes a lot of courage and integrity. It seems to me that that is a real dilemma for a lot of artists in the music industry, and win or lose careers I have thought it has been artists who have been loyal to their creative vision -rather than to the consumer or industry, that have tended to take part in shaping and broadening the music landscape for those of us fortunate enough to hear for them. I have enormous admiration for that, and I thankful to Aimee Mann for opening the door that much more. As for Aimee Mann, she has a unique phrasing and refined wit that I find extremely appealing. The transformation from her earlier career is remarkable regardless of what you might assess her real talents to be.
Aimee's on HD Net, Live, Sunday Night at 9:00 PM eastern time.