Aimee Mann 'Charmer'

This is available for pre-order and I'm pretty she will be touring for this effort. A music video for the release can be found on I hope I like this one. I can fall in and out of love with Aimee Mann. Shes a great talent but I have to let it rest for long periods of time. I'm almost ready to pull Forgotten Arm out after at least a one year nap.
Thanks for the heads up. I thought that "@#%&! Smilers" was great. I look forward to her new release.
a fantastic songwriter ("i'm with stupid" is on my all-time best), though she's gotten progressively artier and less interesting of late. also more crotchety--doesn't seem like she'd be a lot of fun on a camping trip. i also look forward to hearing the new one.
Listening to Bachelor No. 2 right now. Ive always loved this one.
just got her new cd with ted leo "the both" (apparently she won't release her music on pandora/mog). weird effort--there's very good songs buried in here, but the sound is sub-demo quality--they seem to be going for a raw feel, but it mostly sounds underproduced and unrehearsed. ted leo's an earnest guy but has an unfortunately reedy voice which pairs not at all with aimee's dulcet tone. "the gambler" is a great song, nonetheless.
I bought "Charmer" on vinyl and the sound quality is mediocre to put it charitably. Great music, poor sound, what a bummer. Especially galling since her early stuff with 'Til Tuesday was so well recorded.
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