AI L1 sound better than AI M3?

I just replaced my Audible Illusions L1 with a used Audible Illusions M3 cause I bought a Scout. Don't know if my ears are deceiving me, but I think the L1 sounds much better playing my CD player. Might be that I have 6H23 tubes in the L1 but 6922s in the M3. Does anyone have any experience with both of these preamps and have an opinion on which sounds better?

Owned the L1 thought they are the same except for the phono stage.I could see where a diferant tube might change the sound or maybe a bad one .Hope this helps.JK
It's been a while since I had my L1, but did you use the tape input or the cd input?
One of those was a direct shot and provided a cleaner signal path, and this was by design. I believe the manual talked about that. I ran my that way with amazing results. Still miss it...(except when I reach for my remote and beer at the same time..)
Cytocycle is right the L1 -3 have dual amp outputs 1 is buffered also the aux is the best imput, the cd is buffered?I think. took me awhile to remember .I could be wrong been awhile since I owned the L1.JK
There were updates to both which you can tell only by comparing the dates on the circuit board inside. But I doubt very much that's what your hearing. First the tubes must be upgraded if you want to perfect the sound. Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio has 6H23 best quality tubes which you can purchase-best bang for the buck still $30@. NOS could be better but expensive and life will be shorter. Next for for CD use aux or tape, but never CD which hasbuffering.
Thanks to all for the responses. I actually called AI and they said that my ears were not deceiving me; the L1 sounds better than the M3 and the M3A sounds even better than the L1. Now I have to decide whether to upgrade to the M3A. I'm also thinking about just buying a Conrad Johnson EV1 and running it through the L1. Any opinions on whether that would be better sound than the M3 or M3A? BTW, those dual volume knobs are driving me CRAZY!

Wouldnt know about the sound of the M3A but I replaced my L1 with a Art Audio MK2 Preamp and it was much better sounding and very flexable compared to the L1 ,JK
Just curious Johnk, what was the price of your Art Audio preamp? Thanks.
Koll39 $1200 used on audiogon ,still miss it sold it on the gon ,went with a transformer preamp sounds a bit better but not as easy to use also no phono stage or active mode.JK