AHs anyone heard the new Ayre MX-R mono blocs?

I have always liked the sound of Ayre gear and expect great things from them with their new MX-R mono block amps. Has anyone heard them? How do they compare to other amps in same price range? WHAT is the price of these?

Denf, the Ayre MX-R monoblocks retail for $17000.00. I auditioned them in a total Ayre system driving MG-3.6's. I found them quite good except in two areas: 1) Not as much "air" around each player in the soundstage, along with the soundstage not as deep as I'm used to with my home system. 2) I find all Ayre amps to be "easy" with liquity, but somewhat lacking macrodynamics or "aliveness" for my ear's, this would include the MX-R monoblocks.

If you like the Ayre house sound, you will love these new monoblocks. It's all about personnal taste and system synergy, my personnal taste in this price range is the Pass Labs XA series or if you need much more current/drive the Pass Labs X .5 series.
I think they are $16,500/pair, something like that. I have heard them at two shows, both times driving Vandersteen Quatros.
They are the best I have heard in any price range. I have listened to Linn Akurates and Vandy Quattros in the dealers showroom, and If I had the means I would have a pair in black.
I don't know who gave Teajay the $17K figure, but I confirmed with the factory this morning that the pricing is $16,500 for a pair in silver and $16,750 a pair in black. But what's a few hundred dollars between friend.
Just got back from an audition of the new Ayre amps. WONDERFUL! I have heard this system many times using VPI table with dynavector cartridge, Ayre phonostage, Ayre K-1xe preamp, C-5xe, and the V-1xe amp. Speakers have been the Thiel 2.4 with Thiel subwoofer. Always made beautiful music. I know you hear this line alot....but it is true. This system went to another level in all areas. So clean and focused. Huge, detailed soundstage. Smooth and musical as can be. I have been copying this system since I got my Thiel CS7.2s. I am using the K-1xe, P-5xe, and will have the C-5xe shortly. I also use a VPI table and dynavector cartridge. However I have been using the parasound JC-1 monoblocks. Great amps. But I am now 100% sure what there replacements will be.
Now.....who needs a kidney?
Tom hankins, a question asked with total respect, are you the kind of audiophile that would only audition one brand or one pair of amps before making your purchase?

Even if the Ayre's did not cost $16,500.00 I would audition as many amps as I could in my home system before settling on what I would buy. It's a pain in the butt, but at least you know without any doubts that you have made the right choice. Then, if we take into consideration the price point, about 17K, there are at least three other Solid State amps that could be considered, Edge NL-12.1, Pass Labs XA-160's/X-600.5 and the new reference level Krell's.

At this level it's all about personnal taste and system synergy, that's why I would be surprized if you did not audition some of the other amps at this reference point.
I've owned Krell amps on two different occasions. I have spent time with the Pass gear. Mainly the 350.5 and 600 monos. Also tried Levinson. Have spent lots of time in front of several ARC and Mac amps. Since I got the Thiels I listened to alot of different gear with them or other Thiel models. (I have been on a major hunt) It came down to building a system of either Pass or Ayre gear in front of them. In the end I decided I liked the Ayre stuff better and bought the preamp and phonostage. The C-5xe is next in line.
Even at this point I had not decided on what amplification to use. The JC-1s sound very good and I am really in no hurry. The front runner was either the Pass 350.5. or 600.5s. (Have not heard the 600.5 but liked the 350.5 over the 600s)
After hearing how truly wonderful the Thiels were last night using the same gear I already own, and the new Ayre monoblocks. My decision was made. With my system, using my sources, and mainly with the Thiel speakers. The all Ayre system sounds better (to me) than any other electronics/speaker combo I have heard.
Not that it matters, but they are very nice looking and dont wheigh a ton. Plus they wont heat the heck out of my room as much as what I have in there now.
When you get them Tom, can we all come over for a listen? You'll be recovering from your surgery, we'll bring chicken soup.
Hey everyone, I've got a bit of egg on my face. It looks like both Teajay and I were part right about the pricing. The MX-Rs do retail for $16,500 in the standard "silver" finish, but adding the black finish adds $250 per chassis -- for a total of $17,000 retail in black. I hope my efforts to eliminate confusion are now complete. In any event, and as I mentioned above, what is a few hundred dollars between friends?
I have been living with 3 mono blocks for about 3 months...they are wonderful...in direct comparison with V6ex...wonderful increase in micro dynamics...lower noise floor....wonderful sense of dynamic/timber rightness...I find them an improvement over my past stuff
What class of output are the MX-R mono's?
...odd - I have 5A's hooked up to Ayre K1xe, and V1xe, and didn't hear any difference with the monoblox. ...odd
I bet your system sounds awesome. I have heard the Quatros with the K-5XE and V-5XE along with the CX-7E CDP and a VPI turntable. The sound was very good. The soundsatage was great. I can only imagine that the next level from both companies (Vandersteen,Ayre) together, is really nice.
AYRE MX-R are priced similarly to Rowland 312 stereo and to the Theta Citadel monos -- before the price of the latter was hiked up. Has anyone compared the MX-Rs with the 312 and the Citadels?