AH Tjoeb vs. Reja Planet 2000 vs. YBA ???

I currently run a Marantz 4000 OSE (The carousel) but am looking for a better sound. I'm running Soliloquy 5.3s and am considering the YBA Integre.

I've read up on the Tjoeb, Rega Planet 2000, and others in the $1K and under (less used) range. I am comparing these to going with the matching YBA CD Integre.

Tastes aside, is there conventional wisdom on this one?
Consider the Jolida 100 at about $650 used also. In my A/B test, it was much better than the Rega Planet 2000. Get a pair of good interconnect like the Kimber Hero and you will enjoy the music.
In my sytem the AH is vey very musical,I use siemens
7308 tube,I have the upsampler,its hard to beat.
I also like the planet,before I heard the AH,The
JD100 I like it better than the AH but its more