AH Tjoeb CD Player, comments good or bad

Does anyone have any knowledge of the sound of this CD Player? There are something like 97 reviews by owners of it on Audioreview.com, and I almost never see them for sale on the Audiogon web site. Is this a savior for people that want to got a touch of analog sound from a cd player at a reasonable cost, or is it a "Wolf in sheeps clothing"? Comments please.
SlowHand, Check www.tnt-audio.com-they have an interesting review on the AH Tjoeb!99. It pushed me towards the Jolida 603a(tubed output CD) which are readibly available on this site. There was build quality issues with it's predecesor's the 601 and 602- they used JVC drive units-the 603 uses a Sony. I just picked up a used 603a for under$450. hope that's some help. have fun!
I’m relatively sure that I wrote one of those however-many reviews on audioreview.com, so my comments here should be taken accordingly. I’ve got one. I like it a lot. It is a really solid sounding (if not solid physically) CD player that can very respectfully hold its own with many players many times its price. I also read the TNT review before buying (and I would say that his characterizations are valid, though overstated) and also seriously considered the Jolida (although, unfortunately, never actually compared them--wish I could help on that front, but I can’t). However, the Tjoeb is likely the weak link in a system where everything (even the cabling, damn my foolish heart) costs many times more than it did. Not to say, certainly, that cost is a direct measure of quality or value, but there is often an undeniable correlation… I bought it as a fun and relatively cheap CD player to hold me over until the dust begins to settle on the format wars or until I found a high-end DVD player that could hold its own with the big boys while playing CDs as well. So far, no real progress on either front, and I now find myself coveting Naim and Resolution Audio CD players…we’ll see. It’s a sickness. At the time, and for the above reasons, I remain convinced that it was the perfect player for me. I’ve listened to it every day for going on eight months now, and I still am content, but it will be my next ubgrade. (I upgraded to some NOS Seimans tubes and, to my delight, it got even better--everything got considerably wider, deeper and fuller--although, at times, the bass is maybe not as tight. Yes, as the TNT fellow noted, there is some muddling to be had. It’s fun, though). If it’s a question of buying either the Tjoeb from Kevin at Upscale Audio or a Jolida used from Audiogon (read: both unheard), you really can’t go wrong with Kevin, and he’s a great way to play with some tube rolling in the future as well. If you give the Jolida a listen, let us know. Either way, enjoy.
Thanks for the info guys. this gives me some food for thought. I just can't bring myself to spend a bundle on CD when the format is changing so fast. I am one of those guys that still mainly listens to LP's. Thanks also for letting me know about tnt-audio.com. I am always interested in discovering new web sites that review audio equipment