Ah Njoe Tjoeb vs Marantz dv 9500?

So if I get a totally modded Ah Njoe Tjoeb, it will run about $1200. Reviews everywhere are positive and glowing. The marantz dv 9500 is down to $1500 new, and postings rave about the red book quality audio playback, and awesome video for a possible future TV upgrade. Seems to me that for $300 more I will get audio and video upgrades. And the DV 9500 can be modded in a year or so if I want more cowbell!
Any idea how the audio from the modded Ah Njoe will compare to the stock Marantz DV 9500? To the modded DV 9500?
Thanks in advance.
My system is Shanling SP80 mod level 1 tube monoblocks, Blue Heron 2 Meadowlark speakers, TAD Signature 150 tube pre-amp, Signal Cable wiring.
I listen to an even mix of jazz, classical, alternative, blues, and rock. Everything!
FWIW. Another option is to buy the base model Njoe & see how you like it. I broke down and ordered one a few days back & they confirmed that there is not a price penalty for waiting and then going to the upsampling chip down the road if you feel the urge.
My experience with upgrades is;
1. It is certain that they cost more money.
2. Sometimes the non-upgraded version better suits your system and/or your preferences.
3. Sometimes the upgrade sounds better in an A-B test but really doesn't increase your joy in listening otherwise.
4. Sometimes the upgrade increases performance in a meaningful way.
Good Luck!
ps. Oh, anyone have particular experience with the different flavors of the Njoe?