Ah Njoe Tjoeb vs Cary 308

I'm interested in hearing from those who've compared these two players. I know from old posts that there's some strong opinions out there, which is why I'd love to hear the results of an actual comparison. I've heard that the Ah! is not a "true" tubed player, but I don't really know what that means. I've also heard that the Cary is a much better built product, but Cary's CDPs are assembled in China, right? And the Ah! is basically a beefed up Marantz, which is also made in China. Anyway, if you've compared these two players let me know your thoughts on why you chose one or the other or even why you chose a completely different player. I'm not a detail junky, I'm primarily interested in a player that's as nonfatiguing as possible. My system includes: Vandersteen 2CE Sigs, Aragon 2004, VAC 20.1 Preamp, Audioquest Cables. Thanks y'all.
Have not compared the two units, but the Cary 308 (non-tubed version) seems to have a neutral tending toward smooth presentation.

Obviously a lot depends upon your cables preamp/amp and the speakers you are using, but I added the Cary after all other pieces were in place and it presented more extension,and detail, yet was smoother than my previous source (mid-fi Pioneer Elite DVD/CD player).

Other components are a MF A300 int amp/ACI Sapphire 25th Ann Ed. speakers/ACI Titan sub/RS Audio Cables IC's/DH LAbs T14 speaker wire. Using Ven Haus Power cords all around.

Of note, is that the IC's and the speakerwire are silver, but system is not bright or harsh. I have tried to keep my system neutral in choice of components and the Cary works well for me. The upsampling and the HDCD are nice features.

Good luck.
The Ah is not made in china, its made I think in
Europe,Maybe Denmark? But not China.I have not
heard the Cary but Ah with upsampler is a very
good player plus the tweak,I own the Ah with
upsamler is very musical. Woth to try
Before you lay down your cash be sure to audition the Jolida JD-100. It lays down the guantlet for superb sound at a reasonable price.
Neal, I agree with you,the Jolida JD100 is a heck of a good
player even without mod.Yesss you have to try it.
I have heard both the Ah! 4000 and the Cary 308 hooked up to my system, I couldn't say one sounded better than the other, They are both outstanding sounding players. The Ah! seems to have a better and more responsive remote, While the Cary's build is of higher quality, Much heavier than the Ah! In the end I chose the Cary, Although if you don't mind the light weight construction of the Ah! It is probably a better value.