Ah Njoe Tjoeb op-amp upgrades?

Has anyone installed the Tjoeb Flavors op-amp upgrade kit yet? I am getting mine tomorrow, and think that since it is so inexpensive I may try both flavors.

I love the way it sounds now, but it's so cheap to do the upgrade I have to try it....

I have tried a couple tubes with great results. Looking for input on tube/opamp impressions
Hello, Peter - I bought and installed the OPA627s over a week ago (there were good things being said in Europe about the combo of these with the Siemens 7308s). You're right about being relatively cheap. My first impressions after about 100 hrs. op-amp break-in were that high-frequency notes were reproduced more accurately (more real); if I had to use audiophile terms I'd say that the decay of notes was better depicted. I don't think I'll place the old ones back in, so long-term thoughts might be a bit more difficult to gauge.

I really haven't tried tube rolling, as I'm pretty content with the Siemens. Let us know what your experiences are.

Happy listening,
Update - I bought them both, and love them. For $71, I now have three CD players in essence. The stock one with the OPA604 op-amps, the OPA 627 which gives an even deeper soundstage, and the AD825 that seems yo have more bloom.

I love the sound stock, but the upgrades are fun. This is a much better deal than expected. The Tjoeb rules!
Hello,Peter: you have mentioned A825 to have more bloom.would you please more elaborate on this.My system is already a bid on a bright side,I wonder if A627 would be "too revealing" and sounded "lean"(on my system).I would
be most gratful if you would pass on your listening experiences on both(A825 & A627). Most anxious to hear from you and thanks a lot
IMS, I found the A627 to be a worthy but subtle improvement. I doubt it could tip a systems sound too much one way or another.