Ah Njoe Tjoeb Not Playing CDR's

I have a computerless friend, who just purchased a new Ah Njoe Tjoeb CD Player. He says his only disappointment is that it doesn't play CR-R's. "Any CD-R's," I asked. None, he said. I asked if it mentioned anything about that in the manual and he said he thought it did. I own many, many CD-R's. Many that are recordings of my analog software that I've converted over. I couldn't get by with a player that didn't play them. Does anyone know if there's a fix for this that I could pass along to him?
I don't understand why the CDP is not playing CD-Rs. I have an Ah Njoe Tjoeb CDP with the upsampler that I bought this past year. It plays every CD-Rs that I have tried. You may ask Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio about it. He has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. (It is better to call him on the phone than to use email, according to Kevin himself. )
I'll get the number and pass it on to my friend...
Anyone else?
Mine plays all CDR without a problem.
Mine plays cdrs also.