Ah Njoe Tjoeb break-in.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player from Upscale Audio. I've ordered all the upgrades to include the 24 bit/192kHz upsampler and Siemens 7308 tubes. Several threads have indicated a break-in period of two weeks with the player on 24/7 using the stock tubes during the break-in, then rolling the "upgrade" tubes after. It also appears tubes have a break-in period, although probably a bit shorter. Doesn't it make sense to synergize the break-in. I also picked up an Ayer System Enhancement Disk for the break-in, which will also demagnetize the system. Will this shorten the break-in? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Put in the tubes of choice and let her run overnight with a CD on repeat and the Preamp/Amp off. That will suffice and get you 90% there. Just make sure the volume on the Tjoeb is set to maximum and locked that way-lower volume drops bits. I've been using the Tjoeb for quite some time now and am very happy. However, it does not match LP playback.