Ah 40000 with Upsamler vs AA Prima

As you all know, my reference cdp is my SonyDVP 9000es
modified by DanModwright.I cant play CDR on my sony,
so buying onother one is not practical,I am thinking
of buying the AA used, they are running $1500.What
do you think guys, I have not heard the Prima yet,
I heard their DAC is good.I need help here, Is this
a step up? I will use the Prima for my second system.Thanks
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I wish I could help you, but alas, I have never heard either player. I did stay at a Holiday Inn Select once though. All kidding aside you could sell a Prima pretty quickly if you did not enjoy it. Good Luck!
I really love my Aha 4000 with upsampler. I have not compared it to the Sony, but really don't want to, if you know what i mean!! I think it would make a great backup CDP.