Ah 4000 vs. Shanling T100, anyone compared....?

I have had an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 for about 3 years now. I've modded it out, rolled dozens of tubes to find what gives me the best detail, transparency, imaging, soundstage, and so on... and I believe I've taken the unit as far as it can go. I'm considering finding another unit as my source, and I'm considering a Shanling CD T-100, right now. But most of the positive reviews for the Shanling I've come across are actually for the highly modded units, not the stock T100, and I simply can't swing an extra $2,500 on top of the purchase price of the new unit itself.

Has anyone had a chance to hear a Shanling T100 (either stock or a "Level 1" mod) and compared it to an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with mods...? I'd really love to know if a stock or Level 1 modded Shanling is a noticeable step up, as a modded Ah! is already so much better than a stock Ah! 4000. Is there much difference between the Ah! and the T100 that anyone can say they've heard themselves and can confirm...?
I had a chance to hear both and I own Tjoeb. I think Shanling is nothing special apart from look.

My suggestion is forget the look, you already have modified player and you know it sounds much better than most of the unmodified players within the same price range, so why you don't continue the same way? Find something wich is much better modified unit like APL, eXemplar or Modwright.

Me...?! after reading so many positive reviews about APL players I decide to buy APL 3910.
Hi Kaaos,

I'm not sure if the Shanling you heard was a stock unit with the Chinese tubes it ships with, as you didn't say... but everyone seems to agree that the stock unit is nothing compared to a unit with a minimum of having the tubes upgraded to the Western Electric 396A's. From there forward, the T100 seems to posses some remarkable qualities which only continue to impress as additional upgrades are added.

As far as the stock unit goes, from a number of T100 owners who have responded to my inquiries, a couple of aspects to the soundstage seem to be present with the T100 which I feel is lacking in my Ah! 4000 beginning with this first upgrade, and that is more 3-dimensionality and palpability to the instruments and performers.

For that, I'm willing to try a T100. While I'm sure the already modded APL3910 may well better a stock T100, I'm talking about an entry point of around $1,000 - $1,200 for a used T100... not $5K for an APL3910 http://www.aplhifi.com/product.html (I have no idea what they might go for used or if any can be found)

A fully modded T100 is in the class of $10 - $15,000 units a number of reviewers have noted, and to get it to that point the mods range from $1,000 - $2,650... still less than what an APL 3910 seems to go for.

For the money, as well as the sound to dollar value, I think I'm pretty safe going with the T100... plus I get the stunning looks on top of it.
I think you are probably right, I don't know if T100 I've heard was stock or not.

Upgrade the tubes to the Western Electric, and you will be VERY happy with the Shanling....I am with mine...
cheers, Ross