Agood dac for my devore nines and leben system.

hi everyone here.
im used DEVORE FIDELITY GIBBON NINES speakers and my integreted amp is LEBEN CS600.
i used CARY CDP1 as a source and now im sold my cary cdp1 and i want to move to a pc and dac has a source.
i wonder what will be agood match for my system and the importent thing is what will give me a better resault from my cdp1 compact.
i looking for dac in budget of 1000$ or little less or more what will be very good match for my all system
You might look at the Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 and the Calyx USB. Both are excellent.
NOS DAC like the Metrum Octave I am using sounds great with the Nines and Shindo which is similar to your setup.
Second the Octave. I have Nines, had Shindo gear, and the octave sounds great in my system.
first thanks for the responses.
i like to know if this dac had usb input or digital input ?
and what kind of pc need to be good for that kind of dac?
and i really like to know if this dac with pc will sound much better then my cd player of cary cdp1 ?
Wyred4sound dac 1. Best I have heard at this price (1,000.00). I liked it so much that I bought one.
hi bolero323:

you have not stated what your sonic preferences are.

i will therefore suggest two tubed dacs:

havana, or minimax (the first)-- available used for around $575.