Agoners: Need Advice! Have 3K to spend on an Amp, what do I do with no way to audition?

Looking for a solid State Amp, something that will go for 30 years or more (My Last Amp), so I don't need high maintenance, with at least 200 WPC @ 8 ohm load.  SO many to choose from...I've narrowed my choices down to several brands, due to the consistency of great reviews; Krell, Pass Labs, Audio Research, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Classe.  Now looking serious at a couple by Krell or Pass.  I love most types of music, classical, jazz, rock, punk, electronica, metal, but not Rap & Country.  I love great detail in my music, fast and bold but rich and  warm, played soft or loud with a big soundstage, love bass slam and crisp highs, too much midrange hurts my ears. Which amp does it all???  Wife has me limited to this, you know how that is :(...Please help me out here folks...I've been in this dilemma for a few years, it's time to make a decision and buy! 
<Krell-Pass owner disclaimer>

Have owned  KAV-2250  and FPB line. For $3k I would take Pass X series any day over the Krell.
As others have mentioned, my vote would be for a 2nd hand McCormack DNA500. There is one FS on Canuck Audio Mart at the moment asking $3kUS ($4kCAD), but if you keep an eye on USA Audio Mart they come up FS fairly regularly -
We all accept Your option but the McCormack (maybe new) is not in the same realm as Pass Labs (maybe old) ...
+1 for Bryston. I have a 25 year old 3B still running perfectly. Had it serviced at Bryston a few years ago to give it a clean bill of health. I've never experienced better customer service than with Bryston.

The 20 year warranty mentioned above is also transferable between owners.
Yes Bryston is also very good, but sound wise (in my book) it is still miles behind Pass.

Want to do even better than Pass?
Burmester may be a contender (from 956 to up) but that may already be a taste war........?