Agon Members at CES

It's that time of year again, and being the social organizer that I seem to be, I am going to make a suggestion so that those of us who are attending CES can recognize one another. In most cases, we don't know each other's real names, so it won't be so obvious. However, I'm sure many of us would like to meet one another. Here's my idea...

If Audiogon is having a table there, perhaps they could dispell a small stickon (such as a green dot) that could be attached to one's badge. In that way, it would be easy to spot another Agon member and introduce yourself.

In past years I've tried to organize a cell phone list and other such contact mechanisms. Didn't really work. This would be easy to do, and I think it would work. Either Agon could hand out the dots, or we could agree and do it ourselves.

Any thoughts?
I'll be the one with the broom stick handle sticking out of my butt! I guess I could wear a green dot it one of those special 'tuning dots' Peter?

Actually I don't think I can make it as money is tight..wish things were different as I'd like to put a few faces to the names. Then again, I may get a whoopin' from some of the folks who don't like my style, or lack thereof:-p! So I'll look at it as saving my skin instead of missing the show.

I'll be there too. If you also are an inmate at Audio Asylum, you'd be aware of some of the regular CES happenings. Hope to meet some of you in Lost Wages!